1.          Kinetic Study of New Absorption Way of Orally-administrated Polysaccharides from Traditional Chinese Medicines through Intestinal Lymphatic System, NSFC-22-23-06, 82204747. RMB 300,000, 2023-2025.

2.          Key player in the bone-marrow protection of orally-administrated Astragalus polysaccharide RAP after entering Peyer’s patches, GRF No. 121011322, HK$ 1,170,795, 2023-2025.

3.          Does dihydroartemisinin overcome vemurafenib resistance in melanoma by suppressing FLI1 expression? University Grants Committee, GRF: 12101222. 2023/1 - 2026/12.

4.          A Houzao Quality Control Marker and Its Use in Related Products Authentication, MPCF-004-2021022, 116152, Hong Kong Baptist University. HK$170,000, 2022-2023.

5.          Glycoprotein 2-mediated microfold cell transcytosis of Radix Astragali polysaccharide triggers immune response in lymph system Ref. No. 8217141060, granted by National Natural Sciences Foundation in China. RMB 550,000. 2022-2025.

6.          Synthesis and structure modification of plant miliusane molecules as novel drug candidates for treatment of cancer. HKBU Initiation Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas. 2022. HK$998,000.

7.          Does upregulating RNF125 expression with luteolin overcome vemurafenib resistance in melanoma? University Grants Committee, GRF: 12100221. 2022/1 - 2024/12.

8.          Ginsenoside Rg3 and Artesunate Synergistically Overcome Sorafenib Resistance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Pharmacological Effects and Mechanisms of Action. Health and Medical Research Fund, HMRF: 19200791. 2022/12-2025/5.

9.          基於miR-142-3p/FAM98A通路研究槐花散抗結直腸癌的機制. 國家自然科學基金: 82174029. 2022/1-2025/12.

10.      Does upregulating RNF125 expression with luteolin overcome vemurafenib resistance in melanoma? University Grants Committee (GRF): 12100221. 2022/1-2024/12.

11.      Construction and application demonstration of Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-tumor active ingredients screening platform based on key technology of organ chip. Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme. 2021. HK$780,000.

12.      Quality Evaluation and Production Development of Wild Ginseng Stem Cell Wall-Broken Powder. Innovation and Technology Fund. 2021. HK$600,000.

13.      Investigation on Anti-Rheumatic Components from Saussurea Laniceps and Their Multi-Target Action Mechanisms Based on Two-Way Fishing of Ligands and Target Proteins. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2021. RMB$550,000.

14.      Studies of the In Vitro and In Vivo Pharmacological Effects of Synthetic Diphyllin Glycoside Analogues and Their Druggability as Anti-HIV Drug Candidates. Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme. 2021. HK$1,081,175.95.

15.      To develop patentiflorin A analogs as a broad spectrum of viral inhibitors against SARS-CoV-2. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2021. HK$1,195,250.

16.      Pharmacological studies of ginsenoside Rg3 in treating selective BRAF(V600E) inhibitor-resistant cancers. Innovation and Technology Commission, ITF: ITS/092/20. 2021/01/01-2022/06/30.

17.      逆轉腫瘤耐藥天然產物的篩選及機理研究. 深圳市科技創新委員會. 基礎研究 (重點項目) JCYJ20200109150719846. 2020/12-2023/11. 2020N100

18.      基於白介素1介導的炎症信號通路研究黑豆餾油抗特應性皮炎的作用機制.廣東省自然科學基金: 2021A1515010658. 2021/1-2023/12.

19.      Ranunculi Ternati Radix inhibits STAT3 signaling through upregulating miR-351 to exert anti-melanoma effects. Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF): 18192731. 2021/10-2023/9. 

20.      Interaction between Chinese medicines and antibiotics in tumour suppression in terms of gut microbiota: Dendrobii polysaccharide, a case study, HMRF, No. 17182681, Principal Investigator, HK$ $1,500,000, 2020-2023.

21.      A reliable method for inspecting sulfur-fumigated Chinese medicinal materials, 01/11/2020-31/10/2022, ITF, PRP/003/20FX, HK$707,900.

22.      Exploring the glycosyl structural specificity of multiple components involved in the gut microbiota-targeted anti-obesity effect of ginseng, GRF, 12100219, 01/01/2020-30/06/2022, HK$633,006.

23.      Development of resveratrol and its congeners as preventive and therapeutic agents for control of COVID-19. Health and Medical Research Fund - Commissioned Research on the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). 2020. HK$2,840,000.

24.      Ent-Kaurene Analogs for Control of Colorectal Carcinoma Progression and Metastasis. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2020. HK$1,115,935.

25.      基於 EGFR/STAT3 信號通路探索白術及其有效成分抗黑色素瘤的機制. 面上項目. 廣東省自然科學基金: 2020A1515010579. 2020/10 - 2023/9.

26.      Research and development of functional foods based on Ganoderma cultivated in Hong Kong. Innovation and Technology Commission, ITF: PRP/034/19F. 2020/9-2023/2. HK$6,174,500.97 (including talents and industry matching).

27.      Does atractylenolide I synergize the anti-melanoma effects of MK-8776 by inhibiting cyclin-dependent kinase 2 signaling? Research Grants Council, GRF: 12101519. 2020/1-2022/5.

28.      Identification of Natural COX-2 Selective Inhibitors from Medicinal Plant (Saussurea laniceps) for the both Safe and Effective Treatment of Arthritis. Health and Medical Research Fund. 2019. HK$994,120.

29.      Development of Low-Cost Optical Waveguide Biosensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (ITS/148/19) HK$1,399,975 (2019)

30.      基於皮膚組學與靶向遞藥技術的中藥皮膚精准護理產品研發. 2019年廣州市對外科技合作計畫對 外研發合作專題. RMB2,000,000

31.      Hong Kong Standard of Chinese Medica Materia, Phase 9-11, HK$ 4M, 2019-2023

32.      UGC Research Matching Grant Scheme (2019-1-10, 2019-1-14, 2019-2-06): 1) Research in Standardisation of two Chinese Medicine Products for Registration, HK$ 2M; 2) Authentication of Valuable Chinese Medicines HK$ 660k; 3) Ejiao activities evaluation, HK$ 2.2M

33.      Astragalus polysaccharide RAP enters Peyer’s patches to initiate immune response through M cell transcytosis via TLR2/4 mediated pathway, GRF No. 12100818, HK$ 930,795, 2019-2021.

34.      Modulation of membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase by 3,5,4'-trihydroxybibenzyl, an aromatic dihydrostilbene, against perpetual pancreatic stellate cell activation in pancreatogenic diabetes. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2019. HK$807,926.

35.      NSFC, 81872975, Correlation between holistic quality efficacy of Rehmanniae Radix Praeparata in “nine cycles of steaming and sun-drying” processing, 01/01/2019-31/12/2022, RMB570,000.

36.      Hong Kong Baptist Uinverstiy, HKBU: RC-FNRA-IG/18-19/SCM/01. 2019/6-2021/5. The Role of Noc3p Dimerization in Eukaryotic DNA Replication. PI.

37.      基于miR-34b/MET/β-catenin通路探討四君子湯與達卡吧嗪合用抗黑色素瘤的機制. 國家自然科學基金: 81874358. 2019/1-2022/12.

38.      基於Hsp90信號通路探索菊花及其有效成分小白菊內酯抗黑色素瘤的作用機制. 國家自然科學基金青年項目: 81803788. 2019/1-2021/12.

39.      Does parthenolide overcome vemurafenib resistance by inhibiting heat shock protein 90 in melanoma? Research Grants Council, GRF: 12102918. 2019/1-2021/6.

40.      Screening for Antidiabetic Components from Three Medicinal Dioscorea Species by Ultrafiltration and LC-qTOF-MS. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2018. HK$119,856.

41.      To Develop Arylnaphthalene Lignans as Potent Inhibitors Against HIV through Chemical Synthesis. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2018. HK$318,550.

42.      To Discover Anti-Athlete's Foot Fungal Compounds from the Medicinal Plant Boluohui. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2018. HK$149,680.

43.      Platform for Study of Inhalable Drug Delivery Nanocarrier for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients of Chinese Medicine (SDF18-0319-P03) HK$4,5000,000

44.      基於天然植物成分協同理念與皮膚靶向納米脂質體技術開發美白化妝品.粵港聯合創新領域. RMB1,000,000

45.      To synthesize a compound library based on the diterpenes from Isodonplants for control of colorectal carcinoma progression and metastasis. HKBU Initiation Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas. 2018. HK$1,143,468.

46.      基於JNK2信號通路研究豨薟草的長期肺毒性機制. 深圳市科技創新委員會自由探索JCYJ20170817173608483. 2018/01-2019/12.

47.      Regulation of microRNA biogenesis by BRAF/MEK targeted therapy: molecular mechanisms and role in drug resistance. Food and Health Bureau, HMRF: 15163441. 2018/4-2020/3.

48.      Holistic Quality Comparison between Angelica Sinensis Radix and A. Acutiloba Radix by Integrated Metabolomics and Glycomics. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2017. HK$147,320.

49.      Preclinical Study of the Category I Antitumor New Drug EN-002 Inhibiting the Novel Targets -- DNA Replication Initiation Proteins. Innovation and Technology Commission, ITF: GHX/002/17GD. 2017/12-2019/12.

50.      Hong Kong Authentication Centre of Dendrobii Officinalis Caulis Limited, Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU), HKSAR ITC, HK $2,910,000, 2017-2020.

51.      Application of polysaccharide as chemical marker in quality control of saccharide-dominant Chinese medicines: Cordyceps sinensis, a case study, HMRF, No. 14150521, HK$ $1,200,000, 2017-2019.

52.      Synthesis of Acetal Analogs of 11-Oxo-flexicaulin A for Control of Cancer Progression and Metastasis. Innovation and Technology Support Programme (Tier 3). 2017. HK$1,099,492.

53.      To Elucidate the Anti-Ebola Potency of the Active Leads Discovered Based on the Diversified Plants in Lingnan Region of China. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2017. HK$318,550.

54.      基於let-7/IGF1R探索槐花金銀酒抗 黑色素瘤的機制. 國家自然科學基金面上項. 81673649. 2017/1-2020/12.

55.      Study on the pharmacological effects and mechanism of action of Young Yum Pill. ITF: UIT/135. 2016/10-2019/10.

56.      Research on the Second Development of Yi-Shen-Hua-Shi Granules. ITF: UIM/290. 2016/09-2018/08.

57.      Research Grants Council: GRF 12125116. 2016/12-2018/11. Elucidating the role of TLR4/STAT3 signaling in the antimelanoma effects of atractylenolide II.

58.      一種新型經鼻腦靶向抗AD石蒜生物鹼納米載藥體系研究. 2017年度廣東省科技發展專項資金-粵港聯合創新領域: 2017A050506007. 2017/072019/06.

59.      嶺南中藥材品質標準及標準物質示範性研究. 2017年度廣東省科技發展專項資金-粵港聯合創新領域: 20170506. 2017/01- 2019/12.

60.      Elucidating the involvement of IL-17-IL-6-STAT3 axis in the anti-melanoma effects of a herbal formula comprising Flos Sophorae and Flos Lonicerae. HMRF: HKBU14150571. 2017/9-2019/8.

61.      Suitability evaluation on material specifications and edible methods of commercial Dendrobium officinale products in Hong Kong based on holistic polysaccharide markers. Innovation and Technology Fund. 2016. HK$1,064,722.

62.      靶向TLR4信號通路的抗類風濕性關節炎中藥研究. 深圳市科技創新委員會學科佈局JCYJ20160229210327924. 2016/07-2019/06.

63.      Oral bioavailability of polysaccharides: an exploration of TLRs/Dectin-mediated phagocytosis to Ganoderma glucan GSP-2 by intestinal macrophages in vitro and in vivo, GRF No. 12100615, HK$ $870,855, 2016-2018.

64.      同時檢測藥食兩用食材中兩種真菌毒素的試紙條的研製, SKLF-KF-201610, 食品科學與技術國家重點實驗室, 公開基金, RMB50,000, 2016-2018.

65.      馬兜鈴酸快速檢測用納米金花試紙條的研製,深圳市科技創新委員會 JCYJ20160531193812867RMB 200,000, 2016-2019.

66.      Synthetic and Biological Studies of the Novel Plant Cyclopeptides Mavacyocines as Highly Potent Anticancer Agents. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2016. HK$318,550.

67.      To Discover Ebola Entry Inhibitors from an Eurya Plant. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2016. HK$149,960.

68.      miR-34b在四君子湯抑制黑色素瘤生長中的作用研究. 廣東省自然基金: 面上項目2016A030313007. 2016/06-2019/06.

69.      Identification of the source plants in honey by microscopic analysis of pollens. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2015. HK$143,000.

70.      Correlating microscopic characteristics and biologically active components for evaluating the quality of Chinese medicinal materials. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2015. HK$661,659.

71.      Oral bioavailability of polysaccharides: an exploration of TLRs/Dectin-mediated phagocytosis to Ganoderma glucan GSP-2 by intestinal macrophages in vitro and in vivo. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2015. HK$ 870,855.

72.      Discovery of potential components attributed to pro-fibrotic activity of Aconitum carmichaeli Debx.. HKBU Faculty Research Grant. 2014. HK$127,500.

73.      Standardization on the Nomenclatures of Chinese Medicinal Materials and Decoction Pieces Sold in Hong Kong. Innovation and Technology Fund. 2014. HK$ 416,000.

74.      《本草綱目》嶺南藥物考.國家自然科學基金.2014.人民幣:70萬.

75.      HKCMMS Phase IX: Chemical assay of Polygonati Rhizoma and Homalomenae Rhizoma. Dept. of Health, HKSAR. 2014. HK$ 741,405.

76.      Anticancer Mechanism of Alpiniae Officinarum Rhizoma against Gastric Cancer: from the Combinational Treatment of Curcumin and Quercetin. HKBU-FRG. 2014. HK$ 90,000.

77.      基於組織化學技術評價中藥柴胡"辨狀論質"的實質.國家自然科學青年基金.2014.人民幣:23萬.

78.      Structural Modification and Biological Studies of the Antitumor Natural Products Miliusanes as Novel Cancer Therapeutic Agents. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2014. HK$ 914,985.

79.      Exhibition at InnoCarnival 2013: Matching Towards Modern Chinese Medicine: Conservation of Rare Chinese Medicines Resources and Exhibition of Modern Chinese Medicine Technology. Innovation and Technology Fund. 2013. HK$ 719,000.

80.      Chemical and Biological Assessment of Herbal Decoction Dangui Buxue Tang using Hedysari Radix instead of Astragali Radix. HKBU-FRG. 2013. HK$ 90,000.

81.      HKCMMS Phase VIII: Chemical assay of Hedysari Radix and Saussureae Involucratae Herba. Dept. of Health, HKSAR. 2013. HK$ 290,000.

82.      Discovery of Aryl Naphthalide Lignans as Potential Anti-HIV Inhibitors from the Medicinal Plant Justicia gendarussa. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2013. HK$1,268,250.

83.      In Vivo Evaluation of Antitumor Efficacy of Plant-Derived Novel Natural Products Miliusanes. 2013. HK$1,284,701.

84.      Laser Microdissection Analysis: Linking morphology and biochemistry to assess the quality of Chinese medicinal materials. Hong Kong General Research Fund. 2012. HK$ 843,720.

85.      HKCMMS Phase VII: Chemical assay of Dendrobii Caulis and Dendrobii Officinalis Caulis. Dept. of Health, HKSAR. 2012. HK$ 260,000.

86.      Platform Development for Quality Control Standards of Processed Chinese Materia Medica (Decoction Pieces) in the Hong Kong Market. Innovation and Technology Fund. 2012. HK$2,719,324.

87.      HKCMMS Phase VI: Collection of CMM samples and Chemical assay of Carthami Flos. Dept. of Health, HKSAR. 2011. HK$ 251,000.

88.      應用鐳射顯微切割和液質聯用技術進行中藥組織化學研究.國家自然科學基金.2011.人民幣:65萬.

89.      Mapping and extraction of active components in the stem of Sinomenium Acutum by combining laser microdissection with LC-MS. HKBU-FRG. 2011. HK$ 120,000.

90.      Active Components Screening and Metabolism Study of Tibetan “Xuelianhua” (Saussurea laniceps). Research Grants Council (GRF). 2011. HK$ 751,019.

91.      HKCMMS Phase VI: Collection of CMM samples and Chemical assay of Carthami Flos. Dept. of Health, HKSAR. 2011. HK$ 251,000.

92.      Active Components Screening and Metabolism Study of Dragon’s Blood (Daemonorops Draco). HKBU-FRG. 2011. HK$ 120,000.

93.      HKCMMS Phase V(A): Chemical assay of Perillae Caulis and Tribuli Fructus and HKCMMS Phase V(B): Chemical assay of Gleditsiae Spina and Piperis Longi Fructus. HKBU-FRG. 2011. HK$ 396,800.

94.      Active Components Screening and Metabolism Study of Tibetan “Xuelianhua” (Saussurea laniceps). HKBU-FRG. 2010. HK$ 127,500.